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Secret Eaters Review

I have recently fallen down the hole of 2000s diet culture programs and one that I have been enjoying is […]

Freaky Review

Slasher horrors are my favourite of the genre because they are so iconic in what they do and also rooted […]

Obsession Review

I absolutely love a good drama, a drama that is set in England and has all the normal tropes that […]

23 Walks Review

Sometimes in life you need to take a break and not watch heavy things or dark things or things that […]

Super Size Me Review

It has been almost 20 years since this film first graced our screens yet I think what it talks about […]

Jewish Matchmaking Review

I really enjoyed Indian Matchmaking when it came to Netflix and now it’s a few seasons in it’s getting a […]

Paula Review

It was in fact my father who recommended this documentary to me because he grew up in the time when […]

Nope Review

I feel with the success of Get Out Jordan Peele has a target on his back for constantly making top […]