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Encanto Review

I waited a while to watch this film because I didn’t know if it was going to be up my […]

Dopesick Review

Usually this wouldn’t be my type of show to watch, however seeing it on Disney+ and hearing other people talk […]

Cheer Season One Review

I watched the first season after all the allegations came out against one of the cheerleaders, but for this review […]

#IsThisOk Review

Will there ever come a day when minority groups feel safe leaving their home?

Hype House Review

I enjoy social medias and use TikTok however I do worry about the state of the world when young people […]

Olaf Presents Review

I found this series through TikTok, and while it wouldn’t normally be the sort of thing that I would watch, […]

LuLaRich Review

In 2021 I fell down a hole of multi level marketing when a girl from Juice Plus added me on […]