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Laptops, Water and WordPress

Hello! So this is a little in-between blog post about life and such!

Last weekend I went home to do some radio work and to hang out with my family and boyfriend. Sadly my old laptop accidentally got covered in water which meant I was without one for quite a few days. Today I received the sad news that my laptop was beyond repair and I had to buy a new one. Luckily they had one in CeX in Swindon so I hopped onto a train and went there for the day.

So moral of the story: never balance your laptop on a sink (especially one with a leaky tap). So, now I am typing this on my “new” (second hand) macbook pro 9!

While my laptop was in for repair I was looking at a lot of blog apps for my phone. I have previously used blogger as my blog but I decided to move to wordpress because of its reviews. I will be doing a full blogpost on my opinions of blogger and wordpress but I thought I would let you know what was happening! My old posts are still at but this will be where I further my blog in the future.

Hope you have a good weekend!

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