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A Little Gift To Me – From Me

During my time in North Wales the family and myself did a spot of shopping. The one thing that I absolutely love myself for buying however is a little bath milk carton which I love!


Basically this carton is a vintage Kellogg’s milk box. But instead of being filled with milk it’s filled with the most beautiful smelling bath milk, which, amazingly creates quite a lot of bubbles when you hardly use any of it!


What I loved about this product was how it was so unlike anything I had ever seen before. It’s incredibly adorable and you get so much for your money (it was £7 in the gift shop in Wales).


The scent is Tuberose and Jasmine which smells amazing but you can also get other scents as well (but the pink packaging definitely sold me over the other orange one).


So, this is just a little random blog post but I had to show you guys this as it is adorable and so worth the money! I find it’s also a nice change from the usual Lush and Body Shop bath products I normally go for.

Kellogg’s Bath Milk– Here is a link to the product if you wish to buy one yourself. I definitely urge you to.

(This product is not an ad. I bought this myself with my own (dad’s) money. I have gained nothing from this)

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