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Brother’s Birthday Bash

I apologise for the amounts of brother birthday posts recently but I promise I’ll move on to other things soon!

The 4th of April is my brother’s official birthday, day, and so my mum arranged a little party at her flat with all our family from both sides. It was absolutely lovely to see all my family again and to have them all in one place.


At the party we had a really cute cake made in the style of a record player, a piñata, plenty of food and even a bit of champagne!


The food was delicious too! We had these little pastry parcels and pizza and sausage rolls. Strawberries with cream, cupcakes made by my Gran and grapes (got to keep the balance of unhealthy to healthy)


Although it was Easter we couldn’t just ignore that! My boyfriend, brother and myself all had a go at the easter egg hunt set up (three very competitive people searching beside a river? I’m amazed no one fell in!) In the end my brother found the most, and I, sadly, found the least.


It was a wonderful day all round and I hope my brother enjoyed it just as much as the rest of us. Crazy to think next year he could learn to drive! Where’s my little brother gone?

I hope you guys all had an amazing Easter as well!


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