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(Maybe a little smug in this post, I apologise in advance)

Since I was given my camera my boyfriend has been very open to taking it everywhere and taking pictures of, well, everything! He seems to want to learn everything and do everything and I’m finding it absolutely wonderful. Because of his sudden love in photography it means we’re going to new places and seeing the world in a different way. One of these moments happened on Easter Sunday when we took his dog for a walk.


Testing out my camera meant using the many settings I never really used before, including the ‘sports’ function. This meant that when objects are moving there is less blur and the shutter speed is much quicker, creating a crisper looking image (like the one above). My boyfriend’s dog was the perfect tester for this function simply because she is incredibly quick and very bouncy! I have never seen an animal run so fast after a tennis ball before.


What I love best about this handy little button is that the images come out looking amazing! I mean, of course, you are going to get the odd image that is blurred or a bit off but the majority look wonderful. You would never imagine this dog in the picture is sprinting across a field towards me.


I know this is a random little post but I thought I’d move away from my brother’s birthday now and focus on the littler things in life. I also wanted to show off these great pictures (tooting my own horn there) especially as these were the ones my boyfriend’s parents liked the most.

My camera in case you were wondering is a Canon DSLR 700d using the 18-55 mm lens.

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