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Day Out in Avebury

(This happened in the Easter holidays but due to university work etc. I haven’t been able to upload until today – hope you enjoy none the less!)

I live in a county called Wiltshire and a nearby National Trust site is Avebury Stones and Manor. I have grown up around these parts all my life, I remember having home made hot dogs with my nan and granddad there when I was younger and running up and down the hills. Now that I’m older however I love exploring this place with my family and my boyfriend.

avebury stones

Avebury Stones have been there for centuries and no one truly knows why (they’re kind of like Stonehenge but not as tourist-y). When I did my TV presenting module I went to Avebury to interview a geologist about the stones and she told me they had been there so long that even when the vikings and romans invaded and ruined the area, the people rebuilt their village using the stones, and some of the older stones are now the foundation for the homes still standing today!

avebury hole

What I used to love as a child was running up and down these dips that are actually a lot steeper than they seem! The area also holds a lot of spiritual meaning and so when the summer/winter solstice happens hundreds of people flock here (well, and Stonehenge) to celebrate it. For a little more money you can also search the Manor that is there, preserved by the National Trust. Each room displays a different era and a different family that lived there. You can even go into the servants quarters and read their average day schedule – getting up at 6am and going to bed at 11pm? No thank you!

avebury field

And of course you’re not in Wiltshire if you’re not surrounded by lush fields. It is absolutely stunning and I love it! Summer in Wiltshire is my favourite time. I always think of people going miles to find places like this when usually you can find them literally on your doorstep. I think it’s good to appreciate the beauty of where you come from before you go out and find new things to admire and love too.

I will leave you with a panorama I made. All photos are thanks to my iPhone 6! I hope you enjoyed this little post, what’s your favourite places to be during summer?

avebury panorama 1

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