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Tetbury Woolsack Race

On bank holiday Monday my mum, brother and I took a little trip to Tetbury to see the woolsack races being held there. This was my first trip here and it was incredibly different and exciting. Accompanying the races was an adorable vintage fair, a french market and lots of other random things going on.

The woolsack races are races where people compete to have the best times running up a hill while carrying a heavy wool bag on their back.

The first race was the children’s relay race.


After the children’s races they then went onto the men’s race where one man would go down the hill and pass the sack to a man at the bottom who would then run back up.



It was pretty impressive to see how much effort these men put into the challenge. After the men came the women.



Once these basically relay races were over the proper competitive races began. With these, two people were put up against each other to see who could get to the top first.


One man who competed was the oldest they had ever seen being in his sixties! It must be an amazing feeling to know you can still go up against people much younger than you and do really well.



The man above decided to run after another competitor didn’t turn up. He did it barefoot(!) and, even though he had a little stumble, still won!

As well as the races there were many other things going on like a band, a photography exhibition, a french market and a fair ground!


The day was absolutely amazing and so different to anything I had ever been to before. My mum bought me an adorable top which has hot air balloons on and we went to a really nice pub for dinner. I love how this brought such a lovely community together and showed me that fitness doesn’t just have to be working out and going to the gym, it could be something fun like joining a band or carrying sacks of wool across a town!



Until next time!


  1. Lovely report Shona, so glad you enjoyed Woolsack Day in our wonderful town. Hope you visit again before too long


  2. Yep I agree with Tammy we need more people from out side of our town to visit I for one love what I do which is the commentary and I am really glad you and your family had a fantastic time next year perhaps enter as part of a team or just run your self thank you and god bless Lester


    • Were you the man who watched the runners do the races? If so I loved that! Made it so funny and real and the whole thing had such a wonderful atmosphere. Don’t think I’m fit enough to run it yet haha maybe in the future! Thank you so much


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