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Mad Max From a Girls Point of View

Now I’ve never been one for action movies. To be honest I didn’t even realise there were other Mad Max films before this one but my love of Tom Hardy and the stunning trailer shown to me sealed the deal to go see this movie. I’m sure a lot of us have heard the news of Tom Hardy’s reply to a comment at one of his press conferences about this movie.

If not, link here: Tom Hardy Response     

So I went to this movie thinking wow there must be some girl power in here then! I was not disappointed.

Some spoilers maybe ahead:

The premise of the movie is that it’s set in an apocalyptic wasteland where people have formed cities to survive. In one of these groups the warlord that has power over it send oil to another city and one of his wives is driving the vehicle. She helps the warlord’s other wives escape to find a better place. They stumble on Mad Max in this journey and he helps them complete it (but not in the way the audience expects). This means that there is an equal balance between the protagonists’ genders. There is the head woman “wife” Furiosa and of course Max. As well as these two there were five more women travelling with them and aiding in their journey. This meant in the lead roles there was a 5:1 ratio of women over men! Something rarely seen in films.

All the antagonists of the film as well were men as they were the ones who had power over their city. This meant a lot of girl power could happen. During the film these women are seen doing jobs that often men would do, for example, fixing vehicles, getting themselves dirty in mud and getting the vehicle out when it is stuck as well as typical fighting like a badass. One woman in the film is pregnant with the Warlord’s child and even uses the unborn child to stop the man killing the other girls and takes a bullet to the leg and does so without flinching. These women are made from hard stuff!

Some could argue that all these female protagonists are pretty, young, skinny girls. Which, in all truth, they are. But how do you expect them to look? These girls are portraying a man’s fantasy as these are the one’s that the warlord picked out personally to be his wives, of course he’d only go for the prettiest ones! What I would like to point out to people who see it as this however is that there are women in the movie who are overweight and are milked as if cattle but at the end are given their freedom and are able to live the same as the ‘pretty’ girls. The main female protagonist as well is one handed and has a mechanical arm to help her which she doesn’t use all the time. Even though she only has one hand she still kicks all the evil character’s butts!

This film showed a range of different people from different ethnicities, to ages, to abilities and everything! It is an amazing movie and because it’s such a ‘boys’ movie a lot of men will see this and they may well think that women can be just as awesome as they can in combat.

I loved this movie and thought it had an amazing moral story and ending. The stunts and fight scenes and choreography was out of this world as well so I urge you to go see it and let me know what you think!

Until next time.


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