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Recently I have had an awful time with comparing myself to others and seeing how well they are doing compared to myself. I know this is awful for me and I shouldn’t be doing it because it literally gets me nowhere but it’s hard not to.

So I thought I’d put together a few bits of advice for anyone who could be, or might go through what I am at the moment.

Think about what you’ve accomplished in the past

It’s always good to remind yourself of how far you’ve come in life and all the accomplishments you have done in the past. Even if they’re small stuff like passing your driving test, I sure haven’t done that and would love to one day so that, to me, would be an accomplishment.

Think about all the things you’ve got going at the moment

People around me are getting jobs, going on holidays and, as I see it, living for the moment. Due to my financial status I can’t do that and it sucks knowing that other people can. I can compare myself to them and wish I was in their shoes or I can look at what I’ve got going for me. I like to take a time out and write down a mental list of all the things I have at the moment that are good. I’m lucky to have wonderful friends, family and a boyfriend that all support me and some people don’t have that. I should be thankful for these things instead of wishing it away to be someone else.

Think of your future

The reason I’m stuck a little at the moment is because I’m on summer break from university and it’s hard to find a job and where I live doesn’t give me many opportunities. However, university will open up job opportunities in the future that I wouldn’t have if I had never gone. If you’re in the same stuck in a rut moment as me just think of how you can use this time to better your chances in the future no matter what they might be.

Say yes

The worst thing you could do is hide away and beat yourself up over not having the chances you think everyone else does (which they probably don’t, I mean everyone’s different, you may be jealous of someone else but they could feel the same towards what you have) What I’m saying is, if you have a chance to do something, even if it’s just hanging out with friends or family, do it! Those moments will create awesome memories and also show you that whatever your feeling right now doesn’t matter because you’ll be somewhere better in the future.

What are you favourite things to do when you get stuck in a rut? I’d love some more advice on this.

Until next time.

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