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What I Would Tell My Younger Self

In June it was my birthday. My twentieth birthday! It seems crazy to me that I’m no longer a teenager and I thought I’d do a little post to my thirteen year old self of all the advice I would have loved to hear back then. Maybe this’ll be able to help you too. 

  1. You are not fat!

I don’t know why you think this but you’re not! In the future you will look at pictures of yourself from when you were younger and wish you looked like that now but that’s not how life works. By that I mean yes you will gain weight, but it’s not always a bad thing! Even though I am comfortable with my body now I am trying to lose weight so please stop eating all of those large dominoes pizzas by yourself! You should go out in that dress that you think makes your thighs look fat (it doesn’t) and you should go out in those belly tops and see all the heads turn. They’re not judging you! And if they are – who cares? Their opinion doesn’t matter to you. 

    2. Stop worrying so much about boys!

In the future you’ll get boyfriends, you’ll go through a bunch of different guys until you realise what it is you deserve and you start respecting yourself. It took me years to find that confidence but you will get there. Your little crushes on the boys in science and languages doesn’t matter and to be honest I’m the lucky one for it not working into something more! When boys do start giving you attention though you are in control of yourself. Just because a boy gives you attention doesn’t mean they want to be with you. 

     3. You’re doing really well. 

You’re at university and going to graduate next year! You have an amazing boyfriend and a great job! You can finally afford all those big brands you could only look at when you were younger as you walked past them on the way to Primark. Don’t worry so much. You’re way more amazing than you give yourself credit for and people believe in you so start seeing yourself the way they see you! You’re going to do amazing things and you shouldn’t take any of it for granted. 

     4. Your parents are usually right. 

I know you’re going to hate hearing this but it’s true. Mum’s going to tell you not to do double drama but do media as well instead and you’re going to hate her for it (she doesn’t know your life right?) well now you’re at uni doing media! They only have your best interests and want to see you do well! Things will change at home but it will only make you more independent. Stop trying to fix every situation. Some can’t be fixed. 

     5. Your friendship group will change dramatically. 

Do you even know Louise yet? You’ll meet her soon and you’ll be incredibly close friends to this day. Same with the girl you don’t like at the moment…she’ll be one of your funniest friends and you’ll laugh together about how you used to hate each other. The friends you have now, practically all of them, you’ll never see again or say hi just in passing and I know that’s hard to get round your head but it’s true. Don’t take crap from anyone and one day you and your three little buddies will sit around a game of Cards against Humanity and laugh about how different things are now and how much better they are. 

      6. Finally, I want to say that you’re amazing. You’re brilliant just the way you are. 

You may not see it now but you’re beautiful! You have an amazing mind and if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything! One day you will get the blonde hair you have always wanted but you’ll have to be ginger for a year before it finally gets there! The fringe your mum gives you when you’re sixteen you’ll hate but you’ll get one done professionally three years later and you’ll love it! You’ll finally get the iPhone you’ve always wanted and you’ll find a man that loves you for who you are and motivates you to be a better person. 

I know you’re not going to believe any of this. You’re stubborn in that way and no adult is going to tell you what to do (yes you’re an ‘adult’ now, but don’t worry you still dance round your room to s club 7) oh and you get to see busted live and it is literally the best concert ever! There’s so much ahead of you and yes you’ll go through hard times but you’ll go through great things as well. Even now I know there’s amazing things to come and I’ll probably be here at 30 still writing a blog and doing a when I was twenty post. 

All I can really say is enjoy every second! You’ll miss school when you leave and you’ll still be friends with the most unlikely people. You’re going to be great Shona. I believe in you. 



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