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Lush Haul

During my lunch break at work I decided to take a quick trip to Lush to pick up some new bath bombs. On this particular day I felt incredibly girly so was drawn to a lot of pink and sweet bath bombs. I eventually came out with three bath bombs and a bar of soap!

The first bath bomb I picked up was the Sex Bomb one. I love this bomb as it is incredibly girly and smells really floral. The colours of this bath bomb are adorable and the sugar paper rose on top is a cute little extra. This bomb is supposed to make your bath a pretty pink colour and make you feel like a real princess.

The second bath bomb I picked up was the Twilight bath bomb. I was intrigued by this one because of how pretty it looks and it smells amazing! Speaking to the woman in the shop she told me it turns your bath a lovely dark purple colour that looks like twilight. It’s also meant to help you sleep so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

For my last bath bomb I decided to move away from the girly pinkness and move towards a recommendation from another person. This bath bomb is called the Fizzbanger and is a beautiful bright lemon colour. When you put it in the bath it is full of popping candy so causes an exciting explosion of colour that changes as it dissolves. The scent is meant to calm you and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Finally, I picked up the Love soap. What I love about this soap is not only is it for a good cause but it also smells and looks amazing. It is laced with the love fragrance which smells incredibly fresh and fruity. The top has a stamp on it saying “#gay is ok” and is covered in glitter which a lovely man told me is made with natural ingredients so won’t harm the environment. What I love most about this soap is how it is literally called the love soap. Love is love no matter what gender it is and I think that’s beautiful.

What are your favourite products from Lush? I’m always stocking up on new things!

Until next time.


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