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North Wales – Zip World

Did you see my last blog post about North Wales? Check it out here!  Back in April it was my brother’s birthday and we were supposed to do both Bounce Below and the Zip World zip wire. Sadly, due to the bad weather, we were unable to do the zip wire so returned in the middle of July to have a go at it! As well as this, the first time we went to North Wales, I was unable to get any good pictures of the landscape and scenery, so this time, we made sure I got some good pictures, and boy did I! IMG_2314 When we arrived we checked into our hotel and went for a car ride round the valleys and the mountains and took some pictures as well as doing some shopping in the town of Porthmadog. The mountains were ridiculous! I have never seen anything so high before, especially as many surpassed the clouds. IMG_2477 The Sunday was the day we were doing the zip wire. We went into town to fill up on a big breakfast then went to the zip wire centre. When you get there they kit you out in an orange jumpsuit and, instead of having the zip wire parts connected to the actual wire, they make you carry it around with you. This means you carry your seat (which is connected to you by a backpack type contraption) a helmet, goggles and all the clips and parts that connect to the zip wire you will be going down on. They also check your weight to see whether the wire will withstand you and if you need to go down as a pair instead of a single person (usually if you’re below a certain weight or it’s a child going down). There are quite a few people who go up each time and the whole thing could take up to two hours to get around. You get to go down three seperate zip wires, the first being the highest and the longest. As you go through them each one gets shorter but faster and you are given safety instructions in case you need to slow down or speed up. We went up in a people carrier type bus to the first zip wire and I nearly ended up going back down on it! I have never been up so high before and knowing I would have to go back down on a small thin piece of wire terrified me. I started crying to my brother (how embarrassing) but pushed through my fear and did it! I am so glad I did! I don’t think my mind properly comprehended how high we were, even though bmx bikers were directly under us! The second zip wire was definitely the scariest because there was a sheer drop beneath you that was full of caves and small rivers. You definitely understood how high up you were with that one! I loved it though and would definitely recommend it to anyone! We were able to get a picture of myself and my brother on the zip wire which, to be honest, look horrible but hey it’s all memories! Spending the weekend in North Wales was wonderful and it’s such a pretty area around Porthmadog I’d love to go again!

My brother used his go pro to create a small film of the zip wire. Check it out and hopefully you’ll gain a better understanding of what you actually do on it!

Hope you enjoyed this little post! I’m doing something different this week. Find out what that is here!

Until next time!


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