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North Wales Gifts (to myself)

One of my favourite bath time products has to be bath bombs! Usually I buy my bath bombs from Lush but, while I was in North Wales, I found a little shop called Genius that sold their own type of bath bombs.

This shop was amazing! It was full on three stories with typography, little ornaments, and really anything that could make a house a home. In the back of the shop they had a bathroom area where you could either choose from a selection of bath bombs and soaps or you could get them already wrapped up in gift boxes. I chose a box that was based around love.

This box was beautifully wrapped and came with a lot of products inside, and for only £13 I thought that was amazing!

On top was a small label explaining what was in the boxes as well as what they did. 


The first bath bomb is called Bedazzled Blaster and is pink with a darker pink glitter heart on it. It’s scent is mainly citrus which is odd for its colour but is meant to help make you feel sexy in yourself. The glitter obviously adds to this marking you feel fabulous! With the way the bath bomb looks I am so excited to try it as I love pink things!

The other bath bomb that comes with it is called the Summer of Love Blaster. This bath bomb reminds me of the countryside and summer! It’s scent is strawberries and cream which sounds amazing and something completely different to what I’m used to.

This little ball is called the Love Cloud Creamer and is a bath melt. I don’t have much experience with bath melts so I’m excited to try this out. The smell is a mixture of different chocolates including white chocolate truffles and cocoa butter. Even though this is only a small product I can imagine it’d make a big impact to my bath.

After these products you also get two soaps! Told you, you got a lot didn’t I? This soap is called Crazy Cupid Soap and is bright pink with a darker pink heart in it. It has in it lavender and chamomile so will definitely sooth your skin and looks absolutely adorable!

This soap is called Ruby Vegas Soap and is full of essential oils to capture the glitz of Vegas! This soap is much darker than the other one but is still very unique and pretty!

Where is your favourite place to get bath bombs from that isn’t lush? Let me know below!

Make sure you check out Genius‘ website and why not get yourself some unique treats for you or a friend?

Until next time.


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