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I’m A Terrible Blogger

Ok…maybe the title is a bit of a attention seeking move but honestly I wanted to apologise for being so quiet recently. 

Over this summer I have been in and out of work trying to find summer jobs and found a really good one recently that has taken up all my time and effort and because of this I have had no time to do any blog posts! I still have ones queued back from July. How awful is that?! 

I guess this is a little blog post to let you guys know what’s going on. I have a bunch of blog posts lined up to come out soon and at the end of this month I return back to university (last year – so excited!) so I will have more time there (hopefully anyway!) 

So yeah, I have loads of stuff coming soon and I’m so excited for you guys to see it and see what you think of it. 

Until then. I hope this gives you an insight into what’s been going on and soon I’ll be back into my proper routine! 

Until next time. 

Shona xx 

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