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Living in Uni Halls 

First year of uni is always a big one, your own independence, meeting new people and mostly, moving to a new town/city or even country!

I’m about to go into my third year so I thought I’d impart some of my wisdom (if I have any) to you guys on what to do and how to survive living in halls.

1) Everyone is in the same boat.

Not often do groups of friends go to the same uni and if they do they usually stick together and choose to live together instead of being split up. So, when you meet your new flatmates just remember that no one really knows each other and you have to live with these people for the next year so really making friends with them is your best option!

2) If you don’t like it: move!

Contrary to what I said above if you don’t like who you’re living with for whatever reasons you don’t have to just put up with it and you may be able to move. Ask the staff in your uni halls and see if there’s anyone else that wants to swap or if they have any rooms left. I know a couple of people who moved rooms and it all worked out fine (and sometimes better) for them so definitely don’t rule that idea out.

3) Make your room your own.

I will be doing a seperate post on this as well but honestly uni halls aren’t all that bad. In my halls we all had en suites so there was no worrying about toilets and going for a shower! But I know other unis that do share bathrooms so always be prepared (I say keep everything like toilet roll etc in your room so no one you don’t know will use it) for first year I’d say take things from home with you to remind you of home and not to get too homesick but also make sure you have room for new stuff you’re going to collect over the year.

4) Socialise!

Halls will be the first time you will be living in a huge building with a bunch of other students (depending on whether you move out of halls in second year or stay) freshers week will be an amazing time where everyone will be incredibly chatty and open to talking to new people. Make yourself known and have fun with it! But don’t put up with any weirdos trying to stay friends with you when you clearly don’t want to.

5) Reinvent yourself.

If you want to! Barely anyone will know you at uni so any embarrassing nicknames and horror stories from your past can be forgotten (unless they’re forced to the surface during a wonderful game of never have I ever) if you’re moving to a bigger town go shopping, buy some new clothes, dye your hair and have fun! Of course this is up to you but seriously, you can be whoever you want to be at uni (unless that person is horrible – don’t be that guy) take the chance to be someone new, even if it’s just for a day.

6) Learn to budget!

My final piece of advice which is probably one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you is budget! Don’t be the person who has to survive all of December on five pence and half a pack of pasta. Work out how much money you get each term, subtract your rent (because halls rent is ridiculously high) and then divide the rest of your money over the days it has to last. I worked out I had about ten pounds a day while I’m at uni and to be honest that is quite a lot of money when you do little shops and spend hours looking in the reduced section.

I hope, if you’re off to uni or thinking about uni you have a great time and enjoy it! That’s the main point really. But don’t forget to go to lectures and actually do the work too!

Until next time

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