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Making Your Uni Room Your Own

Two years ago I moved into university halls with four other strangers and I finally had my own responsibility. The most important place to me in halls was my room and because of this I wanted to make it my own and feel more homey. Due to this, I thought I’d import my wisdom to you on how to make your room your own.

(These pictures are from my old HTC so if they’re rubbish I’m sorry)

1) Do you have an ensuite?

At my uni we were given ensuite bathrooms in each of the rooms so we didn’t have to share anything like that. It was incredibly helpful and this meant that you could have a shower or whatever anytime you wanted without other people intruding. If you don’t have an ensuite I’d say keep all your toiletries in your room (use a drawer or something) so that they will not be stolen by someone else. Toilet paper literally disappears in half a day if you’re not careful!

2) Pictures.

Before I went to uni I printed out some pictures of my family, friends and boyfriend to remind me of them and that they’re always there for me. There’s nothing worse than moving to a new city/country and feeling homesick. I definitely recommend bringing things from home with you to remind you of your bedroom back there and to make yourself feel more comfortable.

3) Collect things.

I always saw my first year as a big step in my life and wanted to remember it well. Whenever I went in a night out and was given a wristband or went somewhere with my course where pictures were taken I’d always put them up on a cork board we were given in the room to remind me of all the good times I had been through already. Of course I also used this for important information but really the memories are more important than that.

5) Keep it organised/clean.

That way you won’t lose anything important to you and you’ll have plenty of room to spend time in. It definitely helps as well when you’ve got papers due or something when you have a clean room and have plenty of space to put all your needed research etc.

6) Don’t clutter.

Although it is nice to bring things from home you don’t need to bring your whole bedroom. Only take with you what’s important and holds a significant memory because otherwise it’ll come to the end of the year and you won’t have any room to put anything anymore! I brought along a couple of teddys (because I’m still a child) the pictures and some jewellery that was important to me. It all meant something so it was nice to have it there.

7) Enjoy it!

This room isn’t supposed to be a prison so enjoy spending your time there. It may be weird when you first move in and you’re not used to it but soon the place will start to feel like home. You’re only going to be there for probably a year and once you’re gone you’re going to miss not having to pay bills or getting free internet. Have fun!

Until next time.

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