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How to Survive Freshers

I’ve been through freshers twice now so I’m taking third year a bit more slowly but I still thought I could let you guys know my advice for surviving freshers week.

  • Have fun but don’t go overboard.

On my first night at freshers I threw up…all over the dance floor! It certainly wasn’t my most graceful moment but it was also the first night I had ever been on a night out (in my town I’m used to house parties!) so my advice is don’t over do it. Of course you have to find your limit yourself but make sure you are taking care of yourself and you’re able to get home ok.

  • Stick with your group.

Especially when you’re in your first year and you’ve met a bunch of new people and could be in a new city this is definitely a big piece of advice! You should never try to walk home on your own and always make sure you stay near people you know (it’s not weird how girls always go to the bathroom together!) seriously, you’ll thank yourself when no creepy stalkers come after you.

  • Hangovers are a thing.

Be prepared for these as they are the worst. Have a morning plan ready the night before whether that’s tablets, orange juice or pizza. Your future self will thank you for this.

  • Don’t overspend!

Seriously, you don’t want to blow all your student loan on one night out. Get some cash out and don’t take your bank card, all the hot ones you are trying to pull are not worth all the vodka cokes they’re getting for free out of you.

  • If you don’t want to, don’t.

I mean this as in if people want to go out for the fourth night in a row but you’re not up to it you don’t have to! Don’t let people bully you into going, have a quiet night in and you’ll see how much better you feel in the morning.

  • Have fun!

Freshers is such a fun time and you meet so many new people during this time so have fun with it. Be selfish for a bit and use this time to have fun for yourself instead of worrying about other people. You’ll love the memories you create from these nights and it’s always great to have fun before all the actual work starts.

I hope you guys enjoy your freshers week! I know I have!

Until next time.

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