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Doctor Foster Review

Spoilers ahead. 

Images courtesy of the BBC. 

Doctor Foster was a five episode drama on BBC One. The storyline follows Doctor Gemma Foster and her life falling apart when she finds out her husband has been cheating on her. Her family life, work and relationships all start to break down as she spirals into madness trying to work out what to do with her husband.
This series will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch Gemma forgive her husband, get used and then make some questionable decisions. This series also explores the ‘perfect’ family life and what really could be going on behind closed doors.

This series is something I personally have never seen before. Instead of being a crime drama or a series that becomes way too over the top it is quite believable and very easy to relate to. Even though I don’t agree with some of the moments and dialogue that happens, for example, her breaking the confidentiality of her patients’ and how people believe all men are cheats and wives just have to either get used to it or leave them is definitely wrong! (Or at least I hope it is).

The series builds up to the last episode where all the truth comes out. It shows what happens once everything comes out in many different ways, we obviously see Gemma and her husband’s issues as well as the parents’ of the other girl reactions. Adding these little moments in makes you see how distructive this whole situation can be and why you shouldn’t do it! (Just saying).

This series is beautifully filmed, incredibly interesting and hooks you in from the first moment. Honestly, I found the last episode quite hard to watch because I have been in the middle of a couple splitting up and so watching it from a different angle was incredibly hard but I’m glad I did, because in the end, they tell you life goes on, and it gets better. Gemma is seen with her son Tom and gets her job back. Her husband, Simon gets to leave the town and start a new life and the families and friends of the couple get to carry on with their dismissive lives even though the audiences’ views of them could have changed.

This series is definitely a show I would tell people to watch, and I have! It is only five episodes long so is a nice little thing to watch when you have some free time. The story is something that has been shown before but is filmed and shown in such a different way it will definitely make you want to watch more. The actors are also incredibly strong and really make the story their own.

Have you seen Doctor Foster? What did you think of it. I’d love to compare opinions!

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