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New In: Lush

Before all the Chrismas and Halloween stuff comes out I thought I’d do a little haul on all the stuff I’ve brought recently. In this haul I bought one bath bomb and two bubble bars. 

The first thing I picked up, a bath bomb, is called Skydancer and was created to help spread the message of endangered hen harriers. This bath bomb smells of liquorice which to be honest I’m not a huge fan of but to help an animal I will happily use and buy. I love the design of this bath bomb and it does look lovely in your bath. 


The first bubble bar I picked up is called Karma. This bible bar is a cute little pyramid with a gold glittery top which I love (can’t deny a bit of glitter can you?). This has a very fruity, citrus scent and includes lavender within it to help you get a better nights sleep. 

Due to this being a bubble bar as well you know you’re getting a lot of usage out of it (usually up to four baths). 

The last bubble bar I got was the Sunnyside bubble bar. I love this little bubble bar because it’s covered in gold glitter and I love the shape of it, like a little drop of gold. This is again another citrus smelling product which is definitely nice during the autumn. 


I can’t wait to try their new Halloween and Christmas products! Having a look on the website they look amazing! 

Until next time.  


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