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Halloween Review 

For Halloween I thought I’d go back and review a classic, John Carpenter’s Halloween that was released in 1978. 

The first time I watched this film was for a university course and of course watching it with your friends takes away from the horror and makes the whole thing seem incredibly entertaining. 

The film follows killer Michael Myers (not the guy who played Shrek!) as he goes after a bunch of teenagers in his home town after he escaped from a mental hospital. 

I love this movie and definitely loved it more when I watched it alone. The music is amazing and really draws you into the action happening. The opening to this movie, once you bypass the hour long opening credits, it’s so good! Having the killer begin his rein of terror at such a young age really adds to the horror that this man is crazy. 

Every town has their own urban legends but having the Michael Myers one in this town possibly being true makes the ones you and your friends have heard more deadly. 

The mask that Michael uses in the film is horrifying. It’s so simple but really effective because it never shows his true emotions. He is completely emotionless while he goes around killing people. The way he kills people isn’t the nicest either. Who would want to be hung from a wall by a knife? Not me, that’s for sure. 

If you’re looking for a horror film to watch this Halloween then why not go for a classic? Rob Zombie recreated the famous movie 2007 but honestly, a classic can never be beat. 

Have you seen Halloween? What’s your favourite scary movie? 

For the next two weeks before Halloween I’m going to be doing a bunch of different Halloween posts! From food to clothes to makeup to reviews there’s hopefully going to be something for everyone. 

Until next time. 


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