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Halloween Clothes Wishlist

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays because it gives me an excuse to dress up, but, for a post I thought I’d look at more normal clothing you could wear everyday instead of specific dressing up outfits. 

These are some of my favourites from tops to dresses to shoes. 



This first dress is from H&M and I love it because it reminds me of Spider-Man. It is sleeveless but has a high neck which reminds me of a going out dinner outfit especially for the autumn/winter months. The spider is glittery which adds a bit of flare to the otherwise simple design. 

 Spider dress: 14.99 

This dress is from the petite range at Asos which I definitely do not fit in but I still love it. It’s simple yet so cute and I love how it’s fitted as I definitely prefer fitted over baggy. 

Cat dress: £25.00 


This is probably my favourite dress! It’s so spooky and so unique to what I’ve seen before. I would happily wear this to uni. 

Star cut out dress: £25.00  

Cats are one of my favourite themes of Halloween and this dress looks so snugly but also very stylish. I love the idea of going to a Halloween party wearing this if it’s more formal than dressing up. 

Cat dress: £12.00 


I love this dress because it is a little more risqué but still seems very classy. I’d love to wear this again to a Halloween party. 

Lace dress: £42.00 


I know this isn’t a dress  but I thought I’d add it into the Halloween party theme so here it is! I’m in love with all in ones at the moment so this is right up my street and I love the lace. 
Lace all in one: £42.00 


I love tops especially ones that have sayings on them and this seems to be a running theme this Halloween.  I swear I’ve seen some youtubers wearing this jumper and I love it. It is so quirky and random and risqué but looks so comfy and warm. 

Witch please sweater: £35.00 

 I love this sweater because it takes me back to my goth days – we do not want to go there! Again this jumper looks so comfy and warm and something you could easily just throw on in the morning. 

Skeleton jumper: £35.00 

I love love love this crop top! I want to go to Disneyland and wear it there! It reminds me of my childhood which is lovely and it’s so different in being a crop top which I can’t really imagine wearing in this weather! Definitely one of my biggest wants! 

Micky Mouse cropped sweatshirt: £28.00 


This top reminds me of the dress above but this is so cute because it’s angel wings which is adorable. I’d wear this all the time because who doesn’t want to pretend they can fly away? 

Wing tee: £14.00  



These were my favourite bottoms I found. I love how they’re slightly saucy but stick to the Halloween theme. 

Skeleton hands: £15.00 



I love shoes and I love these boots. I can imagine wearing them all year round even if the heel does seem really tall! Who can go wrong with a good pair of boots? 

Buckle strap boots: £85.00  

These remind me of strappy summer shoes.  I think they would look lovely with a short dress and they definitely make a statement. 
Heeled sandals: £72.00 

For something more comfy I thought these shoes would be amazing. You could even wear them to new batman movies! These look so comfy and I would love to just wear these around town. 

Bat plimsolls: £25.00 


My favourite, favourite shoes are these ones because they seem to have quite a low heel and a beautiful spidery design on them. They’d totally put together an outfit and they just look amazing. 

Cobweb heels: £45.00  
I know this is a bit of a random post but I wanted to show you guys my style a bit more. 

What’s you’re favourite things to wear around halloween? 

Until next time. 


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