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Middle Finger Emoji? 

Emoji’s are one of the best things about an iPhone, I know I got my iPhone so I could use them. Recently, the newest update was the IOS9.1 update that came out at the end of October. This included many different food emojis such as cheese, honey and popcorn. New faces like the cute little nerd and the jazz hands emoji and even new animals (the unicorn is certainly my favourite) but there was one I was shocked with. 

For ages a lot of people have been asking on social networks for a middle finger emoji, a universal swear and something that I thought would never become a reality, until now. In the IOS9.1 update the middle finger emoji has landed. 

I’m sorry if this picture offends anyone. 

I found this shocking. I found this disgusting because even young children now have phones and possibly iPhones and could use this emoji. It could be as a joke but it is still incredibly disrespectful. It worries me that young people could use this emoji on social networks and that could come back to bite them later in life (I would never use foul language on the internet unless completely necessary as it would put me in a bad light for possible employers or future opportunities). 

Of course a lot of people who will use this emoji will use it in a playful sense around friends and stuff but some people could use it against people who have annoyed them over social networks. For example, a fan sticking up to a ‘hater’ for their favourite band. Although it is a simple emoji it portrays a powerful message. 

I hope Apple looks at what they have created with making this emoji and hopefully there will be a chance of it being pulled. Swearing is not clever or funny or makes you look mature, it is a disgusting thing that shouldn’t be celebrated through the use of emojis.

What do you think of the emoji? Do you want it to stay or should it be deleted? 

Until next time. 


  1. Ugh, why am I not even surprised? At least now I know what Apple is so proud of that they keep bugging me about updating to a new iOS

    As you said, most people will probably use it in a light-hearted way with their friends – that’s the only way I would; but a little light-hearted joke is not worth all the kids having access to these, teaching them that swearing is SUCH an important part of conversation that it deserves its own emoji…



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