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My Top Five Horror Films

Looking for something to watch this Halloween instead of going out? I thought I’d share with you my top five horror movies and would love to hear some of your favourites! 

5) The Evil Dead


The 1981 original will always be my favourite! Even though the first time I watched it was with a friend and we made fun of the old time rubbish special effects and frankly quite funny scenes watching the remake definitely made me realise how terrifying the first one was. The acting was so good in it, especially the girl in the basement – she still gives me the creeps! 

The movie is about a bunch of friends who go to a cabin and find a spell book. They read a chant that causes bad things to happen to them. 

This movie is a classic and I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves traditional horror movies.  
4) House of Wax

Now changing it up from the last movie I prefer the remade House of Wax to the original. Yes it has Paris Hilton in it (oh no!) but it also has Chad Michael Murray so I guess there’s always a silver lining. What I love about this movie is the constant twist and turns it takes you from the killers past to what’s really going on in the town it will definitely keep you on your feet. 

What would you do if you were stuck near a creepy town that had a museum made of wax within it? And what would you do when you find out these wax sculptures aren’t exactly what they seem? Be prepared to be kept on the edge of your seat. 

3) Sinister


Sinister! Wow this is a good movie. It has such a clever storyline and really compelling characters I honestly can’t wait to see the sequel! The jump scares are a bit simple but the storyline is just so good! The use of sounds and music is incredibly clever and the twist ending adds a lot more to the story you see prior to it. Who hasn’t seen Mr Boogey and been freaked out? Even the poster above gives me shivers.  
When a family move in to a new home the previous owners true secrets start to show and the father has only a certain amount of time to save his family. 

2) Dead Silence


This movie terrifies me! I was scared of dolls before…I’m more scared of them now! I watched this movie first when I was 15 with my friends and I remember my dad hiding behind some bushes to scare us when he came to pick me up! This movie is about a woman who tears people’s tongues out leaving them in dead silence….lovely right? Oh and did I mention all her children are dolls? It’s definitely one of the creepier movies I’ve seen. 

If you don’t like dolls this is a movie for you! There are so many little moments in this that are horrifyingly good and the twist at the end is one of my favourites! 

1) Mirrors


This movie is the only movie that is still in the back of my mind even though I haven’t watched it in years! The premise: what if mirrors are actually another you and if they die, you die? Especially if they kill themselves? I think that’s a horrifying idea, that you’re not actually looking at yourself really and that person you are looking at has such a big power over you. I still find it hard to look in the mirror sometimes and if I’m walking by one I’ll go out of my way not to make eye contact. 

Obviously I haven’t watched this movie in so long so the finer details are lost on me but the overall story is fantastic. It may sound stupid too but it could also be believable, haven’t there been times when you walk past a mirror and swear your reflection did something you didn’t or was a step out of time? If you’re looking for a full on fright fest this Halloween watch this movie! It also has some gory scenes so they will definitely have you hiding behind your fingers too! 

What’s your favourite scary movie? And  what are your plans for Halloween? I hope you have a great day regardless! 

Unti next time.  


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