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The Gallows – Student Film or Blockbuster? 

Watch the trailer for The Gallows here: The Gallows

Plot line possible spoilers:

The Gallows is a movie that starts with a young boys death in a school play where he is accidentally hanged. Twenty years later a student is seen filming around his school while his friend is in a remake of the play. The cameraman decides to trash the play after dark because he sees it as a pointless endeavour. His girlfriend and his friend join him. While they are ruining the set the main girl of the play turns up. While they are in the building a ghost called Charlie, the boy who died in the play, starts hunting them down and killing them. It turns out the boy in the play’s (the cameraman’s friend) dad was supposed to be the one who was hanged but Charlie took his place. Charlie goes around hanging people and the camera moves between characters blah blah blah. At the end the boy and girl from the play have to reenact the moment in the play where the character gets hanged. The boy puts his head in the noose and Charlie hangs him killing him. The girl curtsies and takes her bows with Charlie. It turns out the girl was apparently Charlie’s daughter and she wanted to take her revenge and help her father kill the guy who’s dad was supposed to be the one to die (following this? Really?)


When I saw the trailer I was actually quite excited for this film. Using old slasher films as a premise i.e Jason had his axe etc Charlie has his noose I thought it’d be a great new age slasher flick. 

I was wrong.

The movie was all hand held which, even though made it kind of more believable, also made it incredibly annoying with all the shaky cam and hard to see moments. I found all the characters unlikeable and hard to relate to and the action was really rather boring. 

I compare it to a student film because, if you watch it, I know the people on my course at university (media) could do the exact same type of thing for a project. The props and costumes were simple, as were the sets, and the little CGI we saw would be easy to put together with little knowledge. 
The story was also very hard to understand/believe. It seems that found footage films are the new big thing as well as paranormal things (Paranormal Activity I’m looking at you) and this film uses both techniques but it is so random and loose it doesn’t work. At points Charlie is opaque but at other times he looks like s normal person dressed up. The idea that Charlie has a supposed ‘daughter’ as well is hard to believe seeing as she would have to be youngest 20 now and I don’t know many people that are 20 and still at high school! 

I wouldn’t recommend this film because it is incredibly cheap looking and has a very loose storyline. If you want to watch a proper slasher flick watch Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street. Now those are good slashers! 

Until next time. 

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