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Goodbye Halloween. Hello Christmas! 

Halloween is over, gone, goodbye! Yes it’s only the start of November but I thought I’d share with some of the pictures I took when I went to my local garden centre with my grandparents because they had all their Christmas stuff out. 

I love visiting the garden centre when it gets to Christmas time because they always go all out with decorations. This year’s theme was princesses so they had sleeping beauty and rapunzel displays. It was so cute! They also co-ordinate all of their Christmas stuff so there is an area for red stuff, pink stuff, white stuff and even an area for the children’s stuff like advent calendars and building blocks!

I just love the feeling of Christmas and the excitement it brings! Halloween is a lot of fun but I feel like Christmas is a time for family and friends and that means more to me than playing dress up and going out or going to a party. 

This is just a little post to show off how cute the things at my garden centre are and to bring in the new season! However this now means I need to get myself into gear with presents and Christmas lists! 

But, at the garden centre I of course had to go and visit the animals they sell there! They are so cute! 


And stretch! 

Whenever I say the words garden centre all I picture is Russell Howard, is that weird? 

I hope you guys all had a brilliant Halloween. I’m hoping to do a post on that sometime in the near future! 

Until next time. 


  1. Where I work was the same last Sunday! Out went the Halloween costumes and gifts and out came all the Xmas decorations and clothing! It’s only NOVEMBER!!
    Our local garden centre has fantastic xmas displays too, I could spend a fortune there!


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