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Halloween Walk 

On the 30th of October, with a module on my university course I performed in a horror walk with a bunch of other students. This horror walk was open to the public and happens every year around Halloween. The council basically are able to use us as free actors within it as you could say our payment is our grade on the module.

We performed this year in a place called Forest Farm, an old farm that is now used as a public space. This place is incredibly eerie and definitely had the right feel for our show. There were many little nooks where people could jump out of as well as creepy areas such as a well, a courtyard and a bird watching den with slits in the walls.

The theme this year was werewolves and it was so exciting to be a part of this. I was chosen to be one of the dancers that is part of a cult using a dance to try and stop us from turning into werewolves – during the dance this doesn’t work and people begin turning. This worked incredibly well as the audience wasn’t expecting it and we got to mess around pretending to be werewolves instead of just doing the same dance again and again.

The whole evening was incredibly exciting and I had so much fun especially as I was split from the people I usually worked with meaning I had to make new friends and I love getting to know new people.

If you have the chance to go and visit a horror walk during Halloween I definitely recommend it as I had a great time being a part of it and I can imagine watching it with no idea what could happen next would be such a thrill! The one I was a part of happens every year around Halloween and I would love to go sometime in t

he future to watch it from an audience perspective.

Below is a link to a video of the evening and what happened. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Until next time. 

Horror Walk

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