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Lush Spa – Tailor Made

During the summer I visited the Lush Spa in Bath with my mum to treat her to one of the treatments they do. We picked the Tailor Made treatement. A deep tissue massage made to feel like you’re in the captains cabin of a ship – definitely something very different. 

When we arrived we were taken down into the basement, where the spa is, with the women that were going to be performing our treatments. Down there we sat at a kitchen table and talked about what parts of our body hurt the most and needed the most attention. Due to this added bit of information my mum and I had almost completely different treatments where mine was based mainly on my back and chest and hers was on her legs and feet. We also decided what massage bars we wanted to use (and got to keep these afterwards) and was introduced to all the different products they were going to use. 

Going into the massage room we were told to put a bath bomb into a jug of water. This water was put into a box under the massage table and it created a dry ice effect on the ground which looked and smelt amazing. The music used in the background of the massage were all sea chantys sung in a more acoustic manor to help relax you. Although this was completely different to any massage I had, had before I absolutely loved it because it was so unique! 

Once the treatment was over we were able to go out into the kitchen table area again and sit on a sofa and eat sea biscuits, drink tea and there were little pipettes of rum to add to our tea if we wanted to. I am not a huge fan of tea but mixing it with the rum was lovely to drink! 

I have never felt so relaxed! It was one of the most amazing treatments I have ever had and I can’t recommend it enough! For the price (£40) it was definitely worth the money and because you could decide what areas you wanted to work on each massage is unique and ‘tailor made’ to you. 

Have you ever had a lush treatment done? What did you think? I’d love to try some of the others! 

Until next time. 


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