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Radio Review

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When people say third year drops you into the deep end they were not kidding! I started back at the end of September and by Halloween my class had to create a two minute radio review to be used at a later date on my university’s radio station!

Basically, we had 5 weeks to create a radio review! Even though we ,au not have had a lot of time we all did it and I am extremely proud.

For mine I decided to focus on Scream as it is one of my favourite movies and the new TV show that’s come from it called Scream: the TV series. I chose this because it is still relevant to today and it is interesting to see how they transformed an incredibly famous movie into an equally brilliant TV show.

At uni we have radio studios where we can record our work but sadly the day I recorded something had gone wrong and even though it seemed my work had recorded when I got it home – it hadn’t! This meant I had to re record all my stuff on my phone (thankfully I have an iPhone 6 who’s mix isn’t too bad so it sounded absolutely fine) and then put all the different components together in Garage Band.

Although this wasn’t my first plan, and technically my teacher still doesn’t know I recorded on my phone – sorry Steve! But still, it worked and my teacher seemed very happy with it. The only issue was the levels could have been a bit better but I spent over half an hour trying to get them right and it just didn’t work!

I’m going to leave a link below for you guys to have a listen and let me know what you think!

Until next time.

Radio Review – Scream

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