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Tea Inc Devizes  

Recently one of my friends has jetted off to a new country but before she left we wanted one last chance to meet up and she suggested a lovely little tea shop she went to once with her mum in Devizes. That day I was free so we met up to go there. 


This place was stunning! It was a tiny little tea room off the side of one of the main streets so was nice and hidden away. Downstairs was quite cluttered and there was already a family there so we ventured upstairs to sit down and have some food. The decor was lovely! They had paintings on the wall you could buy and so many little tea accessories it definitely felt unique and homely. I loved how the menus were on colour coded boards so you could differ between the coffees, teas and food and how they were kept on this easel above was adorable! 


I ordered a simple mocha (hot chocolate and coffee) which was so nice and so creamy I didn’t even realise I was drinking it! One minute there was a cup full left and the next it was empty. I loved how they add little sprinkles on top as well as I’ve been to places before that hadn’t done this. 


What was wonderful with the teas you could get there was that they came brewing in a little jug. The tea shop used loose leaf teas which meant the taste was a lot stronger and more flavourful. You’re supposed to allow the tea to brew for 3 minutes, or until the little sand timer ran out and that’s when you know the tea is its most flavourful! Such a cute but simple idea! My friend’s lemon tea looked amazing and smelt so good! They even offered her extra lemons which was lovely. 


For food I ordered the ploughman scone. I have never had scones before but this sounded too good to not go for! It’s a scone topped with cheddar cheese and salt and pepper, served warm, amazing! Then it’s served with butter, cheese, half an apple and some red onion chutney which was the most delicious chutney I’ve ever tasted! Savoury scones are definitely something I’ll have to try again! The way it is presented as well is adorable and the whole atmosphere is brilliant.  
I definitely recommend if you’re ever in the Devizes area to drop into this tea shop as it is so good and definitely worth the trip. Altogether it wasn’t too expensive either which is brilliant and I love finding new coffee shops to go to that isn’t Costa or Starbucks! 

What is your favourite type of tea? 

Until next time.   


    • Thank you it was amazing! I didn’t have tea, I had a mocha but they do hot chocolates, coffees and cold drinks as well. When I’m home from uni I live about half an hour from Devizes but it’s lovely to visit!


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