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Lush Spa Gift Box 

When I went to my local Lush store I noticed they did a Lush spa gift box which I thought was brilliant! At only £30 I found this box a brilliant value for money especially as I had one of the products already and that, on its own was near £6! Going to the Lush spa as well this brought back fond memories. (Check out that post here)

The box is absolutely lovely! With an amazing design on the box and when you open it, it has so many different compartments it looks like something I have never seen before. Within this gift box you get a massage bar, dream time temple balm, a foot scrub, a bath bomb and a body scrub! Didn’t I tell you, you get plenty for your money?

The massage bar is the ‘therapy‘ one. It smells of lavender so is incredibly calming and relaxing. Now owning a massage bar might seem weird to some but I love it because it feels so nice to just use on your arms or legs after a long day or on someone else if you want to go there! Your body certainly thanks you afterwards!

The next product is the Stepping Stone foot scrub (which sadly I can’t find on their website). This is a little scrub that you can use on your feet whenever they get achey. I love the shape of this foot scrub because it is definitely quirky and very cute.

The bath bomb you get is the ‘Golden Slumbers’ bath bomb (which again I sadly couldn’t find on their website). This bath bomb is supposed to help you sleep better and calm you down after a hard day which everyone needs once in a while. The colour of the bath bomb is also very simple but very pretty.

This is The Comforter body scrub. When touring the spa in Bath the idea of this treatment sounded amazing so I am so happy that the scrub is included in the box! This body scrub smells of chocolate (and believe me, it does!) to use you just warm it up like melting normal chocolate and then spread it over your body (but not your face sadly) after twenty minutes you should be left with soft, glowing skin! Who doesn’t want to lather themselves in chocolate every once in a while?

The last product you get is the Dream Time temple balm which I did write a review of here. I love this product and can vouch that it does work! Definitely a must have if you have trouble sleeping.

The last item you get in this box that isn’t part of the normal Lish stuff is a small stack of postcards. I don’t go on holiday enough to use postcards but I thought these were adorable. What I love about this is that Lush tell you who made the images on the postcard which is definitely a good thing to see.

Have you ever been to a Lush Spa or  Have you used any of these products? I’d love to know!

Until next time.


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