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Cardiff Mini Golf 

I thought I’d do a bit of a different post today and talk about something different to do if you ever visit Cardiff. 

Everyone knows Cardiff’s biggest shopping centre is St David’s but up in the roof next to the car park they have built an awesome mini golf area! This area comes with two different mini golf courses, both have 18 holes and this means if you want to visit more than once there’s always the option of doing a new course! 


I’ve tried both courses, one with my dad, one with my mum and both with my brother and they both hold little moments that are really fun! There are certain points on the course that talk to you and react to how you’re playing (like the statue above) which adds to the experience and some holes even give you the chance for a hole in one so trying to manoeuvre  yourself to get that hole in one is always fun.  

Both courses have their own themes so one takes you through a tropical paradise full of tropical animals and rainforest storms while the other, the one in the pictures, is set in an old village where you meet talking statues and have to work your way round a river while exploring an ancient empire. 

Because I have been twice I found both times quite easy to mavigate around and it’s never been too busy. There are times where people are waiting for you to catch up or you’re waiting for a group of people to move but it’s never been overcrowded which is lovely and means you can do the course at your own pace. 

Of course, because Cardiff is a student city, they have a cheaper deal for students which is great if you’re looking for something to do with your friends that doesn’t involve going on a night out or getting drunk! The nineteenth hole is brilliant too. It’s a ball collector but if you get it in the hole you get a free go! The first time my mum went round the course she won this hole and what’s great is there’s no expectation date, that I can see, on you playing the free game meaning we can use it whenever! 

If you’re looking for something new to do I’d definitely recommend this as it is so much fun and something different to do. Even if you just need a break from shopping! 

Have you checked out the tree top adventure golf course? What did you think of it? 

Until next time. 


  1. I love mini golf or putt-putt as we tend to call it here… The one we use to visit had steps so the owner let us go around the one leveled areas twice. I used a regular club with my toes too, very difficult to drive my wheelchair at the same time. I never got a hole in one though. 😦


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