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Aunt’s Birthday – Lysley Arms 

Recently it was my aunt’s birthday and for it we went for dinner at a local pub in Chippenham called the Lysley Arms. The only time I can remember visiting this pub was when I was about seven and playing in the play area out the back! Now thirteen years on I was quite excited to visit again and try the food they had to offer! 


The decor of this place was absolutely amazing and felt so homely! Where we were sat was absolutely perfect as it was a little way from the bar but there was still enough room for everyone to be sat comfortably (there were about 8 of us). I especially love the typography they had hanging on the walls! 


The menu was full of amazing food! They had offers going on too and special boards up on the walls for us to have a look at if we wanted something different. The service was amazing, everyone was very understanding and would let you know anything specific if you asked and they always looked happy to be there. 


For my starter I had homemade pate with red onion chutney and seeded toast. The pate was pork and bacon and was delicious! I often go for chicken liver but to try a different one was lovely. The bread was lovely and warm and the butter was so smooth it was easy to spread. The chutney was delicious! Because it had bits of onion in it, it really added more of a texture. I managed to completely finish this whole starter which isn’t something I’m often able to do. It was delicious! 

For mains I had the smoked chicken breast, stuffed with Brie and wrapped in bacon served with a sherry and whole grain mustard sauce. This was accompanied with chips and peas. This was lovely! My only complaint would be that I couldn’t make out much of the Brie which was a shame as I love cheese and the peas were a bit soggy. The chicken was cooked perfectly, the bacon around it was crunchy but not too overdone and the sauce, well I hate sherry and I hate mustard but together it tasted amazing and was great to dip my chips in. The chips were cooked amazingly as they were fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Sadly I couldn’t finish this whole plate as it was so filling but I definitely would have this again! 


Finally I had the mixed berry meringue with ice cream and whipped cream. The actual dessert had strawberries in it while there was a mixed berry compote on the side. The compote I found was incredibly sharp but that was expected with the berries included within it. There was a good ratio of ice cream to whipped cream and the meringue tasted amazing. The strawberries were lovely even though I had to pick the leaves off the top! 

This was definitely one of my favourite places to go for food as it tasted amazing! The atmosphere was perfect and everything was just right even down to the music playing. 

I definitely recommend it to anyone in the Chippenham area looking for some place to eat. 

What’s your favourite pub meal? 

Until next time.  


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