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TV Presenting

negetive space

At university I study Performance and Media which includes many different aspects of TV and Film. Recently I have moved over from radio to TV presenting. This type of TV presenting I am studying includes a range of aspects from filming in a live studio, conducting pre-recorded interviews and pieces to camera.

Although I have only just began this module I thought I would share with you some of the things I have created.

Promo trail

For part of the module I had to create a short promotional trail for a youtube channel. For this I decided to aim it on what I put on my blog, so mainly TV and film, fashion and beauty. Luckily for me many of the walls in my flat are white so I was able to get a good background for the fashion and beauty segments and I used my own DSLR camera to create the short clip – it was certainly a lot of fun!

Good Piece to Camera

For our pieces to camera our tutor wanted us to do one good one and one bad one to see what we should produce and what we shouldn’t. This was challenging as it was hard to decide what was really good as everything seemed to be quite simple. In the end the tutor was incredibly happy with what I had produced but said the camera angles could have been improved.

Bad Piece to Camera

For my bad piece to camera again it was more on the cameraman than myself but we made sure the angles were all off and the camera was out of focus for parts and that the actual location gave no hints to what we were on about.

Would you ever want to be on camera? What do you think?

Until next time.

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