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Cardiff Christmas Lights

This year was the first year I was properly able to go and visit Cardiff Christmas lights. 


What I found odd with Cardiff is that the lights aren’t the main spectacle but the festivities and happenings around it are. By the time I had made my way to town (about four in the afternoon) the lights were already on and that seemed weird. I nearly gave up until I saw all the amazing people that were there that evening. The only reason I went home was because my phone ran out of battery. 



The lights are stunning and each area has their own theme so it’s like exploring different festive places all around town! I especially love the arcades at this time of the year because the lights in there are amazing! 

The castle always looks amazing! I love how it wraps around and the tree is so cute as well! The castle is definitely one of the prettiest bits of Cardiff. 


In St David’s shopping centre the theme this year is red and gold and gingerbread man and candy canes etc. I love this theme because the colours are so Christmassy and traditional. The giant stockings look amazing! 


The stalls are a highlight of Cardiff. They offer a range of products from soap to chutney to ornaments to lights! There’s something for everyone and I love all the free samples! They look so cute though in their little sheds and all the pretty lights are adorable! 


In one corner of Cardiff there’s a whole area dedicated to food and drink! This includes amazing German hotdogs, baileys (!) hot chocolate and of course some turkey sandwiches with all the trimmings! Absolutely perfect if you want a wander around the stalls and something to munch on. 

If you’re in Cardiff I definitely recommend you have a look round the stalls are they are amazing and of course come check out the lights! 

On Friday I’ll be putting up a post on all the things that happened on the day! Make sure you check that out! 

How does your town celebrate turning on Christmas lights? 

Until next time.  


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