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Cardiff Christmas Lights – What Goes On

On Wednesday I put up a post all about the Christmas lights but this one is about what went on, on the day. 

Cardiff’s lights seems to be more about what’s going on rather than the actual lights themselves. There were so many people and so much going on it was actually quite weird working out who was meant to be there and who just turned up dressed up! 

As you can see from the pictures there was really a range of different people out and about. I loved the crackers because they were so cheerful and the camel with a meerkat on his back was so random but so funny! They even spoke to you!

 This band was amazing! They played loads of Christmas songs and really played with the crowd and made us feel included. I loved the lights in this man’s instrument too! They were so happy to be there it really rubbed off on the audience and put us into a good mood. 

This was one of the creepier attractions. This was the ice queen who went around on a giant bike with music playing from it and she also had two little helpers. She had long fingernails and a really creepy voice. It was a really simple idea but so effective! 


I met Santa! He was wandering around Cardiff and offered to take a selfie with me which meant this very rushed, random picture! He was adorable though! Who doesn’t love Santa? 


These two men were hilarious and so clever! They had us mesmerised by cooking an egg with a large flame! Who else can do that? I also filmed a moment of their show which was really interesting. They were great performers and again worked so well with the audience. 

There was an area outside the Capitol shopping centre which was cornered off with barriers and had a red carpet in the middle. Here we got to watch performers do really amazing things. Sadly I only got to see one group perform but they were amazing! Again, saldy, I can’t remember the group’s name but they used glowing things to create amazing glow in the dark shows that wouldn’t have he same effect without them! 

The glowing stuff also timed to the music which was amazing and everything was timed so well it was such a brilliant show! 

Finally how could I forget about Santa?! Santa came out with his reindeers (even cute little baby ones) and of course you could meet him in his grotto and have a professional picture with him. They do these pictures in snow globes and I honestly think that’s the cutest idea ever! 

Everything was so amazing and I had a wonderful evening! 

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas lights being turned on?

Until next time. 


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