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Validation Facial 


During the summer my mum and I went to the Lush Spa in Bath for the Tailor Made massage (read here) recently we returned to try the Validation Facial. 


They had decorated the spa all Christmassy which was adorable! When we entered we sat at the little wooden table like last time and spoke about what type of products we would use. They are all Lush products that you can buy in the shop. I got to choose which products I wanted to use based on my skin type and what I thought would benefit it the most. 

My mum and I were in the same room which was quite nice. As well as the facial we also got a neck and chest massage, the top of our backs massaged and an arm and hand massage! There were so many parts to the hour it was amazing! They also stretched out our legs to make us feel like we’re ‘walking taller’ which was a lovely confidence booster. The whole treatment was so relaxing and calming and I came out feeling amazing afterwards. 


Terrible lighting (I apologise) but my skin felt amazing! It felt soft and smooth and looked so much better! My skin still feels so good even now. I couldn’t recommend this treatment enough. 

With every treatment you have you also get to take away some samples. I was so excited to try these at home. 

   This is the ‘Full of Face‘ serum bar. It’s incredibly moisturising and feels amazing on your skin. It smells lovely and works so well. You allow it to melt onto your fingers for a short time then rub it on your face and let it soak in. 

This is the Herbalism fresh cleanser. It has a slight exfoliation effect and uses rice bran to strengthen cells. It also helps combat blemishes and redness which is a big thing for me. It also gives your skin a new lease of life which, in the winter months, is incredibly helpful! 


This face mask is Carastophe Cosmetic. A moisturising face mask that helps protect the skin from damage. Just put it on for 10-15 minutes and relax. Take it off and reveal beautifully moisturised skin! 

The Ultrabland cleanser! This ones includes beeswax and honey and is lightweight but effective. It’s amazing at taking makeup off but not harming your skin. It smells so good as well! 

Have you get been to a Lush Spa? I definitely recommend it! 

Until next time. 


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