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Doctor Who Review

doctor who

Spoilers ahead

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This season’s Doctor Who was interesting and honestly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. I found that Steven Moffat’s writing was dwindling and the one episode Mark Gatiss wrote was diabolical! With almost every episode being a two parter it felt like a cop out to have to think of new ideas. Going back to the same enemies as well made them feel way overdone especially as a lot of the treasured characters have become laughing stocks.

The first two episodes ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ and ‘The Witch’s Familiar’ looked intriguing. I liked the overhanging storyline of the Doctor’s will and testament (until it turned out this wasn’t a full storyline but rather something they would pop into from time to time). Mercy though! Mercy! Are you kidding me?! This felt so unnatural and ridiculous. Was the moral ‘words can change the world?’ dear God! The Daleks used to be something to be feared but now they’re just not anymore. Moffat! Stop ruining old favourites! Rant over.

doctor cyber

The next couple of episodes starting with ‘Under The Lake’ were interesting. The ghosts were actually quite scary but, in all honesty, I lost interest in the second parter just because I think it lost its scariness. The whole ‘I lived because I didn’t look at the writing’ storyline was so obvious as well. Speaking to my dad and brother I’m amazed my dad didn’t suss it out long before.

The first two episodes with Maisie Williams I really liked. The whole viking storyline with the joke ending and recording it on their phones, no, big no, but the second episode made up for it greatly. Me is an intriguing character and she bounced off of the Doctor’s personality well. I’m glad this wasn’t the last time we saw her.


The Zygon episodes were some of the best episodes I’ve ever seen on Doctor Who! The writers really pulled it back for these episodes. It was interesting, fun, a little bit scary and very relatable to life itself which is always great to notice. The final scene with Clara and fake Clara and the Doctor was so hard hitting and true it was amazing and completely made up for all the previous episodes! If you want to see what the Doctor is really all about you should just watch these episodes because this is what Doctor Who is!

And then they ruined it. Sleep No More. More like sleep through the whole episode. It was pointless, it was filler and Mark Gatiss I expect better from you! You are an amazing writer but this wasn’t your best hour, hopefully in the future you can bring back your brilliance.

The last three episodes were interesting but I’m still not sure whether I’m happy with it. ‘Face The Raven’ was an interesting concept but the conflict was obvious from the minute the woman said ‘give it to me’. There had been rumours Clara was going to go this season from months back so it was no surprise when she ‘died’.

The episode where the Doctor is stuck in a never ending loop was annoiying because it had a plot hole. Why is it every room resets when he dies and is brought back but the ‘400x stronger than diamond’ wall stays the same? Shouldn’t that reset also? I mean, maybe I’m being picky but in all honesty this was a really good episode! It made me jump, which I love from Doctor Who, and it was just a very cleverly done episode. Especially as an episode that only has the Doctor as the main character really.

The final episode was good. I’m not sure how I felt about going back to Gallifrey but that’s the writer’s decision and they made it work. It was funny with an interesting concept but Clara coming back? I don’t know. It reminded me of the Doctor’s daughter, whatever happened to her? I did take great delight in knowing that I had been to that diner they filmed in before though!


Before I finish I have to say, sonic sunglasses? No! Seriously, if they had kept them after this series I would have caused an uproar on social media. I have never seen a more ridiculous idea in my life. The Doctor has a sonic screwdriver, that’s the way it has always been and no one has the power to take that away! I can’t explain my anger over that choice. Anyone who thought that was a good idea please tell me your thought process because I found it ridiculous.

Overall, it was a good series. Its started poorly but brought itself back up (if we ignore Mark Gatiss’ episode). I’m excited to see where the Doctor will go next and I think a new companion is definitely needed. This Christmas it looks like it’s going to be very family friendly and fun which is what you expect from a Christmas episode but I do hope the actual series’ start getting more gritty and scarier. Please, please, please make up some more monsters too! The old ones are becoming laughing stocks and it’s ruining the feel of Doctor Who.

What did you think of this series? Are you excited for the Christmas episode?

Until next time.

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