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Lights Switch On

Last week I did two separate blog posts on what Cardiff Christmas lights turn on event is like (lights switch on here and what goes on here)

Now it’s my home town’s turn! I love my home town’s Christmas lights because they are simple but effective and are all in the same place which makes more of an impact driving through. My town always uses the same ones each year which is a lovely bit of tradition.


This year they had some real life animals including Camels and a Donkey for the nativity scene.


The lantern parade is a big part of my town. Each year they open up a place where people can make their own lanterns for the parade. I did this once when I was younger and it was an amazing thing to join in on. The lanterns could be anything! From igloos to hats to snowmen to anything!

After the lantern parade Santa comes along to turn on the lights. I love the lights because there are so many in the town centre it feels so christmassy and, like my nan says, a fairy town.


Once the lights are turned on there’s always a firework display, and even though it was horrible and raining, the fireworks did not disappoint! You can see from the pictures they were amazing!


Around town they always have interesting things going on. This year was no exception with an amazing orchestra (Strings Incognito) playing traditional christmas songs.

There was the nativity scene with an adorable donkey and a human Christmas tree doing the rounds! You could also meet Father Christmas!


The lights on the town hall from the inside looked amazing! I honestly felt like I was on the Titanic or something with the lovely music and the beautiful lights outside – it looked like snow!


In the evening there was also something for all kids, big and small, which was the lovely fair ground! They had all sorts of rides and even though I didn’t go on any my younger years are filled with brilliant memories here.

What did your town do for Christmas lights?

Until next time.

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