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Brow Bar Experience

I have a confession. I am a twenty year old girl, and I have never had my eyebrows done!

Shock horror right?

Not that bad are they?

I’ve never had my eyebrows done by a professional but I never tampered with them either (apart from doing down the middle so I didn’t end up with a monobrow). For years people always told me I had great eyebrows and I took great joy from this because obviously I didn’t need to over pluck them to achieve perfection.

This changed though when I visited Debenhams in Bath and the Brow Bar at Benefit was calling me. So I took the plunge, I thought why not? I mean I have a fringe anyway so if anything goes wrong it’d be easy to cover over.

The way Benefit do it is they use wax. Now, whenever I did venture towards my brows I’d always pluck them – and it hurt. I hated it! But for some reason wax didn’t seem as bad.

Honestly, it wasn’t.

It was quick and easy and the girl who did it was amazing and spoke to me throughout it all and actually seemed to take interest in what I was going on about. She did it quickly and relatively pain freely. She then went over the skin with some cream that had agents in it that would combat the redness and went over my eyebrows with the Gimme Brow gel that just adds a bit of extra life to your eyebrows.

With and without a fringe.

I really liked them. So much so that I ended up buying the Gimme Brow gel (and got a free mirror thrown in). Now whenever I do my makeup I do take my eyebrows into consideration and even though this is the only eyebrow product I own I think it’s the only thing I need for now. It just adds a bit extra but not too much and that’s what I’m happy with.

Have you ever been to a Benefit brow bar? How do you prefer to get your eyebrows done?

Until next time.



  1. I’ve not got my brows done at benefit before! I normally get them waxed (to let the professional get the shape right) and then the rest of the time I just pluck and try to follow the shape the salon created for me. If I get a bit lost or feel like they need real re-shaping, I’ll let them grow out and get them waxed again. I try not to get them done too often though as it can become expensive!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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