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Advent Calendar Week 2

See last week’s goodies here!    

Sorry for the awful nail painting! I was in a rush that day! On the 7th I got this red gel finish nail polish. I love the colour as it is quite a bright red, it reminds me of a phone box. But wearing it through the day it did chip quite a bit which is obviously a downside. This was the only flaw though as it went on so well, is a beautiful colour and dried pretty quickly.  

On the 8th I got the Protect and Perfect Intense Day Hand Cream. Now I don’t normally use hand cream so this one could be an interesting go to. 

On the 9th day I got the Skin Illuminator Radience boosting beauty fluid. This is meant to make your skin glow and wearing it today (the 10th) it does feel amazing on my skin.     

On the tenth was something completely different! I got this eyeliner pencil in a lovely copper/gold shade. I can imagine you’d wear this on your eyelid along the lash line and it could really add a nice subtle pop of colour.  


On the eleventh I got this Beautiful Skin Perfecting Body Polish. This sounds amazing and smells so good! I can imagine it’d make your skin feel lovely too. 


On the twelfth I recieved BB Beauty Balm in a light pink colour. I like this balm because it is very subtle and goes with your natural lip colour. It’s also not too heavy on the lips which is a big bonus. 


On the thirteenth I got another eye pencil in dark brown. I’m not huge on brown eye pencils but this one is dark enough it might be ok. I love all these eye pencils because you can never have enough! 

What did you get in your advent calendar this week? 

Until next time. 


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