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Christmas Day Clothes

For this post I’ve decided to stick to clothes such as jumpers and nightwear as they are the two main things I wear on Christmas Day!


Who doesn’t want new nightwear to wear on Christmas Eve? It’s one of my favourite things because it gets me so excited for the main day!


I think this nightshirt is adorable and so true! I definitely would love to snuggle up in this on Christmas day after a nice long bath with some Lush Christmas bath bombs.

Baby it’s cold outside – £12.99


Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess? This set is adorable and still Christmassy because of the snow. I love how the bottoms are covered in the other characters and the rose (of course). If you want to feel like a princess on Christmas morning this is the set for you!

Beauty and the Beast – £28.00


This set has a special place in my heart as the Coca Cola Christmas advert is a big part of Christmas! It’s so cute as well and looks so comfortable I’d love to snuggle into bed wearing this.

Coca Cola – £17.99


If you like your legs free when you sleep – weird sentence right? But you get what I mean? I know sometimes I hate wearing long pyjama bottoms as they pull up and fall down and everything else! So, if you prefer shorts I think this is perfect! It’s slightly cheeky which is brilliant and it reminds me of one of my favourite Christmas films, what’s not to love?

Grinch – £14.99


This set is so cute if you’re an animal lover! The print is adorable as the polar bear is literally waving at you and the bottoms are a really cute pattern! Definitely a proper winter set!

Polar bear – £28.00


Christmas jumpers are a staple of any Christmas day and these are some of my favourites!

seqiun embellished snowman m&s

This jumper is so cute! It’s completely my colour and the sequinned snowmen add a bit of glamour to Christmas day! It’s also very subtle so you won’t shock anyone when you walk in on Christmas day.

Snowman – £28.00

reindeer jingle jumper m&s

This is certainly a different type of jumper but I love the design. It’s something I’ve never seen before and seems more mature than conventional Christmas jumpers.

Reindeer – £35.00

primark christmas home alone

Everyone loves a good Christmas movie so why not reference it in a jumper? This is certainly a different type of Christmas jumper and will make everyone giggle I can guarantee it – unless they haven’t seen the movie!

Home Alone – £10.00

light up sleigh scene primark

If you want to go full out Christmas, and I mean full out Christmas you have to go for this one! Not only is Santa taking up the whole front but it lights up! I’m not even joking! And it has bells! Come on now, how can you get more Christmassy!

Santa’s sleigh – £18.00

new look black december

I am in love with this jumper! I am so tempted to buy it just because it is so me! It’s funny, different and not overly Christmassy which is really nice, definitely tempted to get it!

Christmas morning – £19.99


Now, if you know someone who isn’t into the Christmas spirit, I definitely recommend one of these jumpers! For all Star Wars fans there’s this one and it’s brilliant. It’s so thick as well it’ll keep you warm into the Christmas evening.

Darth Vader – £29.99

batmanjumperbluebanana batmanandrobinbluebanana harleyquinnjumperbluebanana

For the comic readers among us they also do Batman ones and have lots to choose from which I love. Harley Quinn is also my favourite so this is a bonus.

Blue Batman – £29.99

Retro Batman – £29.99

Harley Quinn – £29.99


If Batman isn’t your thing and you’re more of a Superman supporter in the Batman vs Superman battle then this is the jumper for you! I’m hoping to get my boyfriend to wear it, it’s brilliant! Just the right amount of Christmassy too!

Superman – £29.99

Which one is your favourite? I’m also doing a Christmas party clothes post too so make sure you keep an eye out for that!

Until next time.

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