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Christmas – Party!

I’ve picked out some of my favourite clothes I would love to wear to Christmas parties!


I think this dress is so sophisticated and something nice if you want to keep covered up but still look pretty. The long skirt will definitely keep your legs warm in the winter! The low front is very chic and sexy. This is definitely a nice outfit for a sophisticated party.

Long V-neck dress – £39.99


This tunic is lush! I love the colour and the style, it is still sophisticated but fun at the same time. I love the fabric belt around the middle which’ll definitely help show off your curves. Definitely one for a nice outing with work.

Tunic dress – £42.00

sequineddresshmThis is definitely a fun dress! It is so sparkly and in your face it’d be great to wear to a costume party if you didn’t want to dress up too much! I’d pack a jacket with this one though!

Sequin dress – £49.99


I love two things about this dress. I love the top and how it hangs over adding some body to it and I love (sadly you can’t see in the picture) that there is a slit up the side of the dress that shows a bit of leg which is subtly sexy. The colour is in your face as well which is always a bonus.

Red slit dress – £29.99


This dress is called Bright Pink but to me it’s more of a reddish muted pink rather than a Barbie pink. I like how it looks quite vintage with the layers on the skirt and the belt is so cute! I love this dress and could picture wearing it to so many different formal events!

Pink shimmer dress – £27.99

panel dress primark

I like this dress because you could wear it anywhere! It’s simple but very cute and I can imagine wearing this out for a Christmas date with your friends or to a simple Christmas meal – something you don’t want to get too dressed up for!

Panel dress – £10.00


I really like this dress as the top is mesh and so it is slightly see through which is a nice little touch to an otherwise simple dress. Again, I can see myself wearing this to events where I wouldn’t want to dress up too much but still dress nicely.

Mesh dress – £29.99


This dress is very sparkly and so would suit an evening party. It definitely makes an impression and the front is quite low cut so it’s classy with a bit of sassiness to it. It’s so pretty though! I love the sparkles!

Meli Dress – £35.00


Wow I love this dress! What you can’t see is that below the bow there is a panel missing to show off some skin as well as above the bow, giving the illusion the bow ties the dress together! It’s so pretty and looks kind of like you’ve wrapped yourself up for Christmas – how cute is that?! Definitely a favourite of mine.

Black bow dress – £29.99


Finally a bit of colour! I love the colour of this dress and it’s so simple but it’s lace! The lace adds so much! It’s so pretty and definitely very classy.

Lace body con – £39.00


This dress is so pretty and I love the details on the arms. It’s a simple dress with a lot of character and I love that! The arms will always keep you a little warm in the evenings which is always a nice thing.

Black lace sleeve – £34.99


Finally, I love this dress because it is mature and classy with a pop of colour and a simple skirt. The colour is beautiful and it has lace, you can’t go wrong with lace.

Panel midi dress – £30.00

Do you have any events to go too before Christmas? Which dress was your favourite?

Until next time.


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