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Millennium Stadium 

Recently I visited the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff with my grandparents as this is something they have always wanted to do. I found it a very enjoyable experience even though I’m not that into sport but seeing the grounds was quite an exciting experience. 

This man is called Tasker Watkins and was president of the Welsh Rugby Union from 1993-2004. Before this he was a war hero and awarded the Victoria Cross for what he achieved. He is incredibly well known and loved within the Rugby world and is left to live forever as this statue.

This wall is made up of the spikes from the bottom of rugby boots which I thought was adorable! it really shows how important the game is.


This plaque stretches all the way along a wall and notes down every single name of every single player ever to play in the Welsh team. It’s amazing how many years it has been going on and how proud the country is of their team.

This is the press conference area where the managers and players come afterwards to speak to the press. Of course my grandparents and I took a picture sat there (I felt very important!)


The home changing rooms were so nice, full of wood and plenty of space. The drawing on the wall was amazing too. We got to listen to a manager preparing the players for the game and it was so motivating to listen to.

The away players changing room was really nice too if a bit smaller. Of course the home team had to have the nicer changing rooms!


This is a wall of all the football games played between 2001-2007 and, I think, how many people attended those games.

The actual stadium is huge! There are so many places for people to sit and the field is enormous! Running from one end to the other would kill me! You could tell, with a full stadium, the atmosphere must be electric.

This is an area which people can rent out to watch the game. In here they can have food and drink and get some areas away from the ‘normal’ fans. What I found weird was that when a football match is on, alcohol can’t be consumed within sight of the pitch so people would pay hundreds to rent out these rooms to have the curtains closed on the pitch and watch the match on TV while drinking alcohol! Why not do that at home?! For big games these rooms can cost around £1000 per person!


Of course I had to hold up the winners cup! I felt so cool holding this and it was actually pretty heavy! I had so much fun on this day because it gave me a new insight into why people love sport so much and how amazing all the mechanics behind it can be!

Have you ever been to the Millennium Stadium?

Until next time.


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