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My Tongue Piercing Story 

This post is aimed at anyone who wants a tongue piercing and my experience of having one. 

Moving from Year 11 to Year 12 (school to sixth form/college) was a big time for me. I went from this young girl who didn’t care much about appearance to someone who wanted to completely change the way she looked – so I did. I dyed my hair red and got a tongue piercing and went from the girl above, to the girl below. 

I had my tongue pierced at sixteen and kept it until I was twenty. I don’t know why I wanted a tongue piercing but I know I couldn’t have handled a nose piercing or another facial piercing. With a tongue piercing I could keep it semi-hidden. 


I had my tongue pierced at Blue Banana. Sorry for the gorey details. They clamped my tongue then put a needle through it. Due to it being a muscle the second the needle touched it my tongue went numb and I couldn’t feel anything for hours after. The pain though when the feeling came back was crazy! It hurt so bad for a few hours and swelled up for days afterwards! Once the pain was gone however it was absolutely fine and nothing went wrong with it at all. 


It could be challenging eating at times. If you ate a polo mint it would get caught around the piercing, same with pasta! If you ever had any herbs or spices they could sometimes get into the hole in your tongue and that was a painful experience! With my tongue piercing I found that I would often catch it on my teeth and my gums and a few of my teeth are chipped now. Not so bad that it’s noticeable but bad enough that they are going to be like it for life.   


When I started university in 2013 I started to change my look and image. I started dying my hair back blonde and wearing girly outfits when I used to be all about the ‘grungy band shirt wearing’ look before. Overtime I felt like my piercing just wasn’t ‘me’ anymore. I knew before I left university and started looking for a professional job I’d want to get rid of it as it could harm my chances of getting one. Just before Christmas I decided to get rid of it. 


Since I removed it I feel a lot better in myself. It was a burden for my mouth and my oral health and I am glad it is gone. I feel more grown up now which sounds so dumb but makes sense in a way that my tongue piercing was a part of me from the past and now I can move on to the future. Since removing it my tongue seems a lot happier and I haven’t been catching anything on my teeth which is always a great improvement. When I was thinking of getting it people said ‘I’m glad I got it done, but I’d never do it again’ and now I understand what they mean. 

Have you got a tongue piercing or want one? I hope this helped you. 

Until next time.  


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