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Advent Calendar Week 3 

See week one here and week two here

On the 14th I received this lovely Barbie nail varnish called ‘Me Me Me’ a very apt name! I love this colour as it really adds a pop to any outfit.

On the 15th I received this lovely lipgloss in a muted pink colour. This colour isn’t too strong on your lips and you can build up the colour which is incredibly helpful when fitting your makeup to your outfits!

On the 16th I received another nail varnish this time a sparkly gold one! This is so nice with or without a base colour as I wore it without one and the gold was enough to really add a sparkle.

On the 17th I was given a Youthful Eye Serum. Now obviously I’m young so I don’t need a youthful anything but this eye cream is so lovely! It spreads well and goes on so lightly you hardly know you’re wearing an eye cream to begin with!

On the 18th I received a black eyeliner pencil which shockingly I lost! I am so annoyed at myself because it seemed like a dream to use because it was so soft! I will need to find this again!

On the 19th I got another eyeshadow that is a very muted nude shade. It would be great as a base colour. I love this colour as nudes are the way to go!

On the 20th I got some gold eyelash curlers. I love the colour and eyelashes are always a helpful thing to have – they make your eyelashes look so much more amazing!

Can’t believe it’s the final week next week! Exciting to see what’s behind door 25!

What did you get in your calendar this week?

Until next time.


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