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Christmas Traditions 

Welcome to my 100th blog post! Wow I cannot believe we’re here already!


Anyway. Celebrations aside, I thought, to get into the Christmas spirit I would talk about some of my Christmas traditions.

It all starts on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve it’s one of my friend’s birthdays so we always go to the pub to celebrate. At the stroke of midnight my boyfriend and I will go back to my house to open our presents together as it is technically Christmas and we don’t actually spend Christmas day together.

On Christmas day I spend the morning with my dad and brother opening our stockings and presents from each other.

After this my brother and I go round my mum’s to open her presents and the presents she has got us. It’s quite nice to spend this quality time with both of them.

When we return home, after sorting through our stuff we usually go to either my Aunt and Uncle’s or my Grandparents’ house. Our own home is a little small for all our family so we’d rather go round one of theirs. This year is my aunt’s turn.

Here we will open the presents from them, have Christmas dinner there and play games. We also always watch the Doctor Who Christmas special because my family, especially my dad and brother, have always been obsessed with that!

This year we’re having proper turkey with all the trimmings which I’m excited for as I’m sure we usually have chicken. I’m also really excited to see my family’s reactions to their presents and what ones I might be getting!

What are your Christmas traditions?

I have recently started up a vlog channel on YouTube and I will be vlogging Christmas day so if you want to see that make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it!

I hope you have an amazing Christmas!

Until next time.



  1. HAPPY 100TH POST! This was such a lovely read, and sounds so relaxing! I think it’s really cute that you and your boyfriend open presents together at midnight. I STILL HAVEN’T WATCHED THE DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Or the last two series! (I’m a terrible fangirl…) I hope you got great presents and I’m sure your family loved the ones you gave them, too!


    • Thank you! Yes it was a lovely day. The doctor who special was very soppy so not one of my favourites I must admit. I got some lovely presents and I’m doing a what I got people for Christmas post so keep your eyes peeled for that haha!


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