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What I Got People For Christmas – Friends 

Recently, I thought instead of showing what I got for Christmas I would show what I got other people especially as a lot of the stuff I bought was off websites like Etsy and Not On The High Street so I feel these shops deserve more recognition.

This present was from Zany on Etsy. I found this back in September and thought it was perfect for the person I was getting it for so made a note of it then and there. The notebook is made out of recycled paper which is a huge bonus and the personalisation didn’t cost anything extra and it was so easy to get done! I love it and they have so many different designs there’s something for everyone.

One of my friends is a huge Harry Potter fan so this was perfect for her. It is a planner for 2016 and because it’s a Divination Planner I didn’t have to ask her, her favourite house and give away part of the gift. It’s a beautiful planner and the ‘notes’ pages say ‘always’ instead of notes which was a wonderful touch. If she didn’t like this one I would have kept it for myself! You can find this on Ruskerville. They have loads of different types of planners so I definitely recommend their shop!

This present was from Not On The High Street. One of my friends has got a new job that takes her all around the world and so this seemed perfect. It is a lovely makeup bag. The bag is made out of an amazing fabric and it just looks so cute I’m so glad I got it! Find this and many other great products at Posh Totty Designs Interiors.

Due to the other present being quite cheap I also got my friend this little bag of happiness. I love this as it is quite cheap and is so sweet I would love to get it as a gift! If you do not know what this is seriously go check it out because it is adorable! I got it from Leelu who has some other great gifts so make sure you check them out.

My boyfriend loves comic books and all things super so when he saw this shirt in Sports Direct he had to get it! Because he didn’t buy it himself I said I’d get it for him for Christmas. My boyfriend is into fitness like no one I have ever known and this shirt is made to be worn tightly when you workout so was perfect for him. This was one of the more expensive gifts but, he’s worth it!

One of my boyfriend’s favourite superheroes is Thor so when I saw the Thor’s Hammer light I had to get it! It looks so cool when it’s turned on and the crack sticker you put on the wall makes it so real. They also do this with Iron Man’s face, Hulk’s fist and Captain America’s shield so there really is something for any Marvel fan.

What was your favourite gift this year? Look out for my post on Friday where I’ll be letting you know what I got my family and my boyfriend’s family featuring Etsy and The Body Shop!

Until then!


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