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Yes it’s New Years Eve and yes I should be looking towards 2016 but I had to fit Christmas in somewhere so here it is! I also did a vlog on Christmas so make sure you check that out here.

I decided for Christmas day I would cook my family breakfast so I made them Eggs Benedict. I love Eggs Benedict I haven’t had it for years so I thought why not have it again? Due to it being Christmas all the normal muffins had been out of stock so I bought cheese and pepper muffins instead and these were so much better!

Below are my home’s decorations which I thought were so cute! I miss the Christmas tree now!

In the morning we visited my mum at her home and of course I had to get plenty of pictures of the Christmas tree! The decorations are so cute!

We then went to my Aunt and Uncle’s for our proper Christmas day with my dad, brother and  my grandparents! Cue more Christmas tree photos.

There we had our Christmas dinner which was turkey with roast potatoes, stuffing wrapped in bacon, sausage wrapped in bacon, carrots, sprouts, swede and of course bread sauce! If you haven’t had bread sauce you really have to try it!

For pudding I had chocolate log with brandy butter. I love brandy butter! Chocolate log is so good I ate about my weight’s worth of it!

I had a wonderful Christmas and these are just a few moments from it. To see the whole experience make sure you check out my vlog and I’ll see you in the New Year!

How was your Christmas? Are you still nursing a food baby?

Until next time.


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