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New Years Resolutions


Hello 2016! I can’t believe how fast 2015 went! I had an amazing time but now it’s that time of the year again to think forward to what I want to achieve this year!

In my life I want to:

Get fit and healthy – of course this is one on everyone’s list and usually it doesn’t happen but I would at least love to get healthy. I need to eat more fruit and vegetables so that is what I will do! I also want to stock up on recipe books to help this along.

Graduate with a 2:1 – my university experience has been amazing so graduating with a good grade would be an amazing thing to achieve! I’m on my way to getting it too so hopefully I’ll be able to keep my grades up.

Read a book a month – I need to start picking up more books and reading so this is a great challenge for myself. I tried to do this last year and only read two books in the whole year! Whoops!

Open an online shop – a few people I follow on Twitter as well as a friend from home have recently opened up their own shops and I would love to do so as well! It would include lots of photography and some typography too so keep posted for updates on this!

Get a job that I want to be in – I’d love to work in the media so getting a job after university in that area would be amazing! Hopefully I’ll do more film and TV reviews too so that’ll show off my passion!

With my blog:

Get 200 followers – I’d love to achieve this on either WordPress or Bloglovin’! It would be a huge achievement for myself as it would show that people really care in what I have to say.

Get over a 1000 views in one month – I’ve nearly achieved this in 2015 but I would love to do this in 2016 and keep the views up! I did want to do this in 2016 when, on the last day of 2015, I finally achieved it! I am so proud of myself and my little blog and hopefully I’ll be able to keep the views up and coming!

Improve my photography – I’m going to be buying some props for product reviews soon so hopefully this’ll help a lot!

I would also love to improve my YouTube channel and take more days out to show off my skills in editing and video making!

This may seem like a lot but they’re all things that I could achieve if I put my mind to it. I’m so excited to start!

Make sure you keep up with everything I get up to:



Twitter: @shona_harding

Instagram: @shona_harding

Pintrest: @shonafjharding

Happy New Year! What are your resolutions?

Until next time.



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