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What I Got People For Christmas – Family

See my ‘What I Got My Friends For Christmas’ post here!

My brother loves dressing smartly and also loves the media. He is currently studying media at college so when I saw these cufflinks I knew they were perfect! They were from Dave’s Disco  and the quality is absolutely amazing! I definitely recommend.

My mum is in love with Audrey Hepburn so finding this charm bracelet was perfect for her! It has many different pictures of Audrey Hepburn on it as well as other charms and comes in a beautiful ‘Tiffany blue’ box. This came from VoDoFad and they were amazing and so friendly to buy stuff off!

This is more of a funny one. My dad, before he had his health kick, loved desserts and so seeing this spoon I knew it was perfect for him. It says ‘dad’s ice cream spoon’ on it and it comes in a lovely brown box with a ribbon around it. Found at Mi Bella Bijoux it is perfect for any one with a sweet tooth. They also do a lot of other spoons so there’s something for anybody!

Including my boyfriend’s family seems a bit weird seeing as we’re not exactly ‘family’ but here you go! I got his little sister this lip gloss wand from The Body Shop. It comes with five different lip glosses all with different fruity flavours. It’s so cute as well! 

I got his mum this cute little trio of body butters in a heart shaped box. I thought this was so lovely and quite classy as all the smells are more adult and muted than right in your face. Sadly I couldn’t find this on the website but you can still get big versions of the butters on their own!

I also got his dad alcohol but I didn’t think that was very interesting for a post!

What was your favourite gift you got someone for Christmas?

Until next time.


  1. This was a great post idea! I’ve seen so many what I got for Christmas posts so it’s nice to see what you got your family! I want that body shop lotions for myself haha!


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